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"While there are other bleacher companies around, I believe that my company can provide the best service and most knowledgeable technicians. I have been in the bleacher business for over 45 years starting in 1971 working as an installer for Hussey Seating Company.

My three oldest children and wife now also work in the bleacher business, making me very proud. Our Supervisors Dan and Larry have been in the bleacher business for over 18 years each adding an invaluable insight as specialists in this field. We maintain a positive relationship with all of our customers due to our quality work and personal care, you can be assured if you call us you will be happy with the service we provide."

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Safety is our main concern because the most frequent users of bleachers, grandstands, and backstop systems are our children. We closely inspect these systems looking for areas that could pose a safety risk.

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Bleacher/Grandstand/Backstop/Divider Curtain - Inspection, Repair and Maintenance

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