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Office Staff: Dawn Malakoff, Danielle Barrows, Tammy Barrows

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Bleacher/Grandstand/Backstop/Divider Curtain - Inspection, Repair and Maintenance

Northwest Installation Ent. Inc

For questions, or to schedule an inspection or maintenance visit, contact our office at:

Phone: 360-575-3342

Toll Free: 1-800-652-9840

Office Email: bleachers@nwinstallation.com

  • Tammy: Tammy@nwinstallation.com
  • Dawn: Dawn@nwinstallation.com
  • Danielle: Danielle@nwinstallation.com         

Fax: 360-423-0899

Mailing Address: PO Box 60 Kelso, WA 98626