Bleacher/Grandstand/Backstop/Divider Curtain - Inspection, Repair and Maintenance

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Northwest Installation Ent. Inc

Why Maintenance Programs are Important:

  • Reduces instances where repairs are needed
  • Meets requirements for annual maintenance for warranties on new stands - We Are Hussey Certified Installers
  • Extends the life of your equipment by keeping them in good condition

Other Benefits:

  • We Offer 24/7 emergency repairs for after hours inconvenient situations
  • T&M pricing for small repairs
  • Highly trained staff to fix unusual problems - This is our specialty we know your equipment inside and out and can fix most issues in a timely manner
  • Ordering replacement parts, and other solutions to no longer manufactured equipment
  • Local crew to keep prices low
  • Lift Certified Employees - certification available upon request -  to keep rental costs low when your lift can be used

Not In the Budget?

We always try and keep costs low for our customers, so we also offer ways to keep costs manageable such as:

  • Maintenance every other year
  • High School and Middle School Rotation
  • Scheduling Discounts - Minimizing travel costs by scheduling you with nearby work
  • Offering discounts when all gym equipment is scheduled together - Backstop and Bleacher Maintenance for example
  • Returning Customer Discounts - when yearly maintenance is performed, each year the stands are less likely to be in bad condition so we can lower costs where we can as less work is needed
  • When repairs are needed - we can offer maintenance on just one location as most of the time that will fix the issue and bring your stands back to a higher operating standard

Our Maintenance Program:

Designed with our customers in mind our quote for maintenance includes

  • Annual reminders to make sure you stay in compliance with code
  • Tighten every nut and bolt on your stand, and grease every moving mechanism
  • Email or phone call if immediate safety concerns are found
  • A follow-up and inspection report with anything the supervisors noticed that could cause damage or pose a safety risk
  • An Inspection Tag on your Equipment to show compliance that inspection was completed
  • We work with your schedule, we know gyms are in high demand so we can work in half a gym at a time or half a day at a time
  • Comply with all prevailing wage laws and can provide Certified Payroll upon request